Our Mission

Firestation Arts & Culture CIC
Mission & Strategy 2016


Life is better, for the individual and collective, when creative activity is prolific and culture is rich and dynamic.


Firestation Arts and Culture adopts a dynamic and progressive role in the celebration and promotion of all forms of contemporary culture and entertainment. By showcasing and instigating performing arts, visual arts, critical thinking and production Рwhilst creating the spaces for shared cultural experiences Рit aims to support and drive forward cultural activity and the importance of a creative life.



The Firestation is a vibey and rich social space and events venue delivering an exciting programme of progressive cultural content, seeking to both entertain and enrich the community.

Lemonade Gallery

Lemonade Gallery is a progressive and independent UK gallery representing emerging artists from Europe and the USA. Lemonade artists make work firmly routed in the 21st century, using a wide range of media from painting to animated gifs and fashion.

Beat Magazine

Beat aims to deliver exciting and progressive journalistic content using all the tools currently available, and explore what a magazine is and can be in the networked age.


A bespoke publishing platform cultivating and supporting the very best in cultural products and critically engaged thought.

Prime Studios

Prime Studios is a support programme for emerging artists and cultural entrepreneurs, offering subsidised studio and office space, tailored mentoring and access to the R&D and performance facilities offered by the organisation.

Super Culture

A new and innovative concept in cultural events, platforming the best in emerging and popular culture with the energy, scale and collective experience of club culture.


We measure our success by

  • Commercial success
  • Customer numbers, membership uptake and feedback
  • Staff quality, number of applications and turnover.
  • Artist feedback & approaches
  • Brand & mission penetration (press reviews and articles, professional enquiries, partnerships)

Strategic Aims

  • To be recognised as a cultural leader, a centre of excellence for creative output and participation.
  • To inspire our audiences, participants and peers.
  • To be a powerful and positive contributor to, and a major resource for, the regions cultural make up.
  • To be a catalyst for new works, collaborations and ideas from our practitioners and users in the Royal Borough, the UK and beyond.

Supporting Strategies

  • To recruit and train excellent staff who share our vision and ensure they have the tools to do their best.
  • To maintain a sound strategic plan with robust financial controls to offer the maximum benefit to our users in a financially viable framework.
  • To ensure that information flows freely to the people who need it and that subsequent decisions are taken at the right time, for the right reasons.
  • To be plugged in to our users ideas and concerns and flexible enough to respond.
  • To seek out new partnerships and growth opportunities.